Video Chat FAQ’s

Video Chat FAQ's

01. How Do I Use Video Chat?

NOTE:  At this time it is not necessary to be a member to use our video chat.  We will re-evaluate this decision after more people start using it, or if anyone abuses it.  Please report any problems to Mary.

1.  First, you need to know that even if you don't have a webcam or microphone you are welcome in video chat and you can text with us, just as you normally do.  You also have the option of just using your microphone but turning your camera off so nobody sees you but you can talk to us and be heard.

2.  Go to CHAT -> Video Chat

3.  If you have logged in before going to Video Chat, you will immediately enter the room and will see your avatar and username.

If you choose not to login, you will be given the opportunity to choose a username.  If you choose your membership username you will get a message that this name is not available, so please choose a different name.


Logged in and Not Logged in





4.  Now that you are in the Video Chat Room make sure that the icon on the right with the video camera is green if you want others to see you, or red if you don't want others to see you.  



We currently just have one room.  We can add more as needed.


5.  In the big text box, on the right side, you will see a greyed-out (triangle) arrow.  Click on it to open the window.  You should be able to see yourself.



6.  Now when someone enters the room you will hear "knock knock" and a notice will tell you who has arrived.


7.  Click on their name in the right column and select View Webcam.


8.  You should now be able to talk to each other.  The room will hold up to 8 people.





If you have any trouble, please check FAQ #2, and if that doesn't help, please send an email to .  If I'm around I will come into the chat room and try to help.

This is new to me so I don't know much about it.  I'm hoping some others might play around with it a bit and give me some tips, or tell me what other FAQ's I should add, so please feel free to write to me and we'll work it out together.


02. My Camera Icon Won’t Turn Green or Audio / Video Issues

The buttons at the top of the page need to be green for you to be able to use audio video chat. If yours will not turn green it is probably because you have your webcam and microphone turned off in your browser's Preferences.  You will need to change your settings to "Ask before Accessing" or "Allow".

Safari - Preferences -> Websites - Camera & Microphone - Allow, Allow, Allow
Now quit Safari, Open Safari - webcam icon in chat room should now be green.

Chrome - Preferences -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Camera & Microphone -> Permission -> Camera & Microphone -> Ask before accessing or Allow

Firefox - Preferences -> Privacy and security -> Permissions - Camera and Microphone -> Allow - Save Changes

Edge - Go to the Video Chat page - Video Chat – Christian Gays Chat Rooms  Click on the lock in the address bar.  From the drop down menu select Site Permissions.  Select Camera and Microphone and choose Allow.

03. How Do I Change My Settings?

There is a "hamburger" user menu at the top left of the page.  Click on it and select Settings.









Change to red or green.

04. How Do I Leave Video Chat?

Click on the "hamburger" user menu and select "Quit".