Christian Gays Chat TimeChat Time Schedules are here to give you an idea of when you might find people in the chat rooms.

The chat rooms are open 24/7 and will often, but not always, have a Moderator.

Times are North American (Toronto, ON Canada) Eastern Time.

Note the clock in the top left corner.  This clock will always show Christian Gays Chat Time.  You should be able to see how it differs from your current time.  For example, if a scheduled chat time starts at 9 PM and the clock says 8:45 PM then you know that chat will start in 15 minutes, even if it is only 6:45 PM in your time zone.

If you aren’t sure what time that is for you, Click Here to convert to your time.


Chat Time Schedules Are Shown Below

Morning is in RED.  Afternoon/Evening is in BLACK.

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