Chat Room FAQ’s

Chat Room FAQ's

01. Getting Started In The Chat Rooms

Go To Chat Rooms Section of the website.

Chat Link

Login if you have not already done so.

Login box








Once logged in your will be able to see the Lobby with a list of our Chat Rooms.

Lobby - Chat Rooms


Click on the room you wish to enter.  Most people connect in *Main Chat, unless they are coming for a specific reason like Women Only Chat Night or Hot Topics, in which case they may go directly to the room in which the event is being held.

People come and go, and could be in the room any time of the day or night, but if nobody is in the room when you come in, you can leave the chat window open, then open a new browser window to continue doing what you were doing.  When someone comes into chat you will hear a chime and you can go back to the chat window, or you can check the Chat Schedule to find our Regular Chat Times.

02. Can I See Who Is In The Chat Rooms Without Going In?

Yes, in the red bar at the bottom where it says "Chat Now (#)" the number indicates how many people are in the chat rooms. 

red chat bar



If you click on "Chat Now" you will see their names.










If you click on one of their names you can private chat with them.  


If you don't see a red bar at the bottom of the page, look in the bottom right corner for a small white bubble icon.  That is the chat bar compressed.  If you click on it the red bar will appear.

closed chat bar


03. How Do I Private Chat With Someone?

Very easily.  In the red bar at the bottom, click on "Chat Now (#)".

red chat bar

This will bring up a list of the people who are on the website. 











Click on their name and you can private chat with them immediately. 


If you don't see a red bar, look in the bottom right corner for a little white bubble icon.  This is the chat bar compressed.  Click on it and the chat bar will open.

closed chat bar

04. What Do The Blue Icons At The Top Mean?

The easiest way to find out what each icon is, is to mouse over each one slowly and a little message will show you. 

blue chat icons

This is a list showing what will happen if you click on each one.

choose your colour





choose your smiley









send file






audio chat








audio video chat












audio video broadcast



save conversation



chat history



clear conversation



05. What Do The Red Icons At The Bottom Mean?


red chat bar

The "home" icon will take you to the main CHAT page with Lobby (list of rooms)

chatrooms icon The chatrooms icon will open the lobby or chat rooms in a small window in front of the browser window.

announcements Announcements

single player games

scroll to the topScroll to the top

Visit Our Facebook Fan page

chat nowThe Chat Now icon shows how many users are online, and if you click it, it will open to show their names.

Who's Online

The icon with the gear is where you select your options.

chat options icon



chat options

06. When Will I Find People In The Chat Rooms?

You could find people in the chat rooms anytime since we are international and people pop in whenever is best for their time zone. Most of our members are in the U.S.A. so evenings North America time is the most popular. To be sure to find someone in the Chat Rooms please check the Chat Times Schedule. Unless something unforeseen happens, our Moderators are very faithful in being in the chat room when they are scheduled.

07. How Do I Stop The Dinging Noises?

On the extreme right of the red bar at the bottom of the page you will see something that looks like a gear.  This is your "Options" box.  Click on the gear and then select your choices.

red chat bar

When you click on the gear you will see a window with your Chat Options.  Click to Disable the sound notifications.

chat options


08. What is Hot Topics?

The Hot Topics Chat Room and Forums are not for the faint of heart or puritans. We will be discussing difficult subjects and how they relate to Scripture and our daily lives as people of faith. These discussions will be led by Christians who may present different sides of the issues.

We often discuss sexuality openly but with strict guidelines of using proper terminology (no gutter language), and discussion is restricted to educational purposes only - i.e. "sexually stimulating" conversation is forbidden, and as always, respect for all posts will be enforced. 

You may present your own beliefs and your reasons for having them.  You may NOT challenge anyone else's beliefs, or attempt to prove that you are right - i.e. implying that they are wrong.

This is to be a learning experience, and we may not like or agree with some of the things we will hear, but we WILL respect the person who is courageous enough to post.

If things get uncomfortable or you would rather just chat, please go back to the Main *Social Group* Chat Room.

Note 1: The Hot Topics Chat Room is restricted to those who are 18 years and older.

Note 2: This is not a general chat room. When we are discussing a certain topic it is not necessary to acknowledge people when they come or go, so that we can attempt to stay on topic and keep things moving.

Note 3: The Hot Topics Room may be used anytime, 24/7 that a Hot Topic is not scheduled, if people wish to discuss topics that may cause discomfort for those who have come into Main Chat to be in a "safe place", and/or who may be there just to make friends. Please just take your conversation from Main Chat into Hot Topics out of consideration for others.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of the participants and may or may not reflect the views of Christian Gays.

09. How Do I Send A Private Message To Someone?

While in the Chat Room, if you want to Private Chat someone who is online, click on their avatar from the Recently Active Members

Recently Active Members








That will bring up their Profile where you can

add friend send compliment private message




or if you select a person from the list in the Chat Room on the right it will bring up the option to Private Chat or Visit Profile.

online users








10. Tell Me About “Compliments”

Compliments are an easy way of connecting with people, especially if you're a little shy and don't quite know what to say.

They could be the way of saying "I'd like to get to know you" or you might just want to let someone know that a post they wrote really was meaningful to you.

How Do I Use Compliments?

1. Do a search for the member you want to send the compliment to

     a) by using the "Basic Member Search"  or "Advanced Member Search" box in the left column


     b) go to "Members" -> "List of Members".  Use the Search box top right corner of the page.

2.  Click on the link to bring up their profile.

3. Once you are in their profile you will see buttons to "Send Compliment" or "Private Message".

4. Click "Send Compliment" button.

5. The button will bring up different Compliment Types.















6. Select the radio button for the one that seems most appropriate.

7. Add a message in the box below, or not.

8. Click the "Send" button.

9. The member will receive a note telling them that someone has sent them a Compliment.

Note: If you would like to send a Compliment that isn't listed, send Mary an email and request that she add it.

11. How Can I Be In More Than One Room At A Time

When you login to the Chat Rooms you will be in *Main Chat*.

To get to another room click on the Lobby Tab and see the list of rooms available. 

Chat Room Lobby


Click on the room you want to go to.  You can now switch back and forth between the rooms.

However, if you want to see what's going on in both rooms at the same time, stay in *Main Chat* and click on the red bar at the bottom of the page.

red chat bar


If you are logged in and don't see a red bar, look to the bottom right corner for a little white bubble icon.

closed chat bar



That is the bar compressed.  If you click on it, it will open the chat bar.

Now that your red chat bar is open, click on "Chatrooms".  That will bring up a little window in front of your active window.  It will be an exact duplicate of the big window.  You can select Lobby now in the small window and click on another chat room.

duplicate windows


If you want to be in more than two rooms at the same time then you will need to open a new browser window for each room.

12. How Do I Chat On Mobile Devices

There are 2 options for accessing our Chat Rooms on mobile devices:

1. Chat Mobile WebApp

a)  Login to the website on your mobile device.

b)  Go to

c)  Select One-on-One Chat or Chatrooms and start chatting


2. CometChat Native App (free; available on Apple/Google stores)

a)  Install CometChat on your mobile device

b)  Open and enter and click "Next"

c)  Login with username and password and start chatting  

13. Is “Free Speech” Allowed?

The only things NOT allowed in chat are:

1.  Sexual conversation with the implication of sexual arousal.

NOTE:  Sexual discussion for the purpose of education is encouraged, and there is nothing that cannot be discussed as long as proper terminology is used (i.e. no slang).


2.  Disrespect of others.

This does not mean that people cannot disagree.  We must be open to listening to all ideas and beliefs.  It simply means that people are respectful of each other - i.e. your statements must be presented as YOUR beliefs, and you must NOT try to convince others that your idea is “right” and theirs is “wrong”.

If agreement to disagree cannot be reached, then if someone requests that a conversation be stopped, it must be stopped IMMEDIATELY and without further challenges!