The Chat Rooms are for our Members only so if you are not yet a member, please go to JOIN US -> Choose a Membership Level. It is the last link in the top Menu bar.

Chat Room FAQ's 1

Once registered, Log in (under JOIN US).

Go To Chat Rooms Section of the website (top menu bar), and then click on Chat Rooms (in the lower menu bar)

Chat Rooms

Once logged in your will be able to see the Lobby with a list of our Chat Rooms.

Chat Room FAQ's 2

Click on the room you wish to enter.  Most people connect in *Main Chat, unless they are coming for a specific reason like Women Only Chat Night or Hot Topics, in which case they may go directly to the room in which the event is being held.

People come and go, and could be in the room any time of the day or night, but if nobody is in the room when you come in, you can leave the chat window open, then open a new browser window to continue doing what you were doing.  When someone comes into chat you will hear a chime and you can go back to the chat window. There are usually people in Chat in the evenings.

Yes, at the bottom of the screen where it says “Chat Now (#)” the number indicates how many people are in the chat rooms. 

If you click on “Chat Now” you will see their names.

Chat Room FAQ's 3

If you click on one of their names you can private chat with them.  

If you don’t see a bar at the bottom of the page, look in the bottom right corner for a small white bubble icon.  That is the chat bar compressed.  If you click on it the bar will appear.

start chatting

Very easily.  In the bar at the bottom of your screen, click on “Chat Now (#)”.

Chat Room FAQ's 4

This will bring up a list of the people who are on the website. 

Click on their name and you can private chat with them immediately. 

If you don’t see the bar, look in the bottom right corner for a little white bubble icon.  This is the chat bar compressed.  Click on it and the chat bar will open.

start chatting

You could find people in the chat rooms anytime since we are international and people pop in whenever is best for their time zone. Most of our members are in the U.S.A. so evenings North America time is the most popular.

On the extreme right of the bar at the bottom of the page you will see something that looks like a gear.  This is your “Options” box.  Click on the gear and then select your choices.

chat options

The only things NOT allowed in chat are:

1.  Sexual conversation with the implication of sexual arousal.

NOTE:  Sexual discussion for the purpose of education is encouraged, and there is nothing that cannot be discussed as long as proper terminology is used (i.e. no slang).

2.  Disrespect of others.

This does not mean that people cannot disagree.  We must be open to listening to all ideas and beliefs.  It simply means that people are respectful of each other – i.e. your statements must be presented as YOUR beliefs, and you must NOT try to convince others that your idea is “right” and theirs is “wrong”.

If agreement to disagree cannot be reached, then if someone requests that a conversation be stopped, it must be stopped IMMEDIATELY and without further challenges!