08. What is Hot Topics?

The Hot Topics Chat Room and Forums are not for the faint of heart or puritans. We will be discussing difficult subjects and how they relate to Scripture and our daily lives as people of faith. These discussions will be led by Christians who may present different sides of the issues.

We often discuss sexuality openly but with strict guidelines of using proper terminology (no gutter language), and discussion is restricted to educational purposes only - i.e. "sexually stimulating" conversation is forbidden, and as always, respect for all posts will be enforced. 

You may present your own beliefs and your reasons for having them.  You may NOT challenge anyone else's beliefs, or attempt to prove that you are right - i.e. implying that they are wrong.

This is to be a learning experience, and we may not like or agree with some of the things we will hear, but we WILL respect the person who is courageous enough to post.

If things get uncomfortable or you would rather just chat, please go back to the Main *Social Group* Chat Room.

Note 1: The Hot Topics Chat Room is restricted to those who are 18 years and older.

Note 2: This is not a general chat room. When we are discussing a certain topic it is not necessary to acknowledge people when they come or go, so that we can attempt to stay on topic and keep things moving.

Note 3: The Hot Topics Room may be used anytime, 24/7 that a Hot Topic is not scheduled, if people wish to discuss topics that may cause discomfort for those who have come into Main Chat to be in a "safe place", and/or who may be there just to make friends. Please just take your conversation from Main Chat into Hot Topics out of consideration for others.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of the participants and may or may not reflect the views of Christian Gays.

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