01. Getting Started In The Chat Rooms

Go To Chat Rooms Section of the website.

Chat Link

Login if you have not already done so.

Login box








Once logged in your will be able to see the Lobby with a list of our Chat Rooms.

Lobby - Chat Rooms


Click on the room you wish to enter.  Most people connect in *Main Chat, unless they are coming for a specific reason like Women Only Chat Night or Hot Topics, in which case they may go directly to the room in which the event is being held.

People come and go, and could be in the room any time of the day or night, but if nobody is in the room when you come in, you can leave the chat window open, then open a new browser window to continue doing what you were doing.  When someone comes into chat you will hear a chime and you can go back to the chat window, or you can check the Chat Schedule to find our Regular Chat Times.