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Formal educating in Jamaica. – Left with¬†unfinished ¬†college¬† degree in¬†“teaching”

Nursing education in England – Left with nursing and midwifery¬†certificates –¬† SRN; and SCM respectively. (State Registered Nurse (RN)¬†and State Certified Midwife).

Here in America-
BA in Sociology from Emmanuel College in Boston.
M.Div. from Boston University in Boston


Most of my work has been in the nursing field. After I left the University in 1994 it was my plan to seek ordination in the church I was attending at the time. That was not to be however.

The very first conference I attended, I realized that I would be defrocked as soon as knowledge of my lifestyle was known. It is true that at that time I was not romantically  involved and was not seeking to be involved either, however I knew that at sometime I would have to deal with the matter .

I pondered this matter for several weeks. I thought 0f how hypocritical the church was, I knew of many clergies  who were living their very gay lives. I wondered, how could this be? What am I seeing that the upper echelon could not see. To make a very long story short, I decided not to continue on the ordination tract. Let me hasten to add here that I was still closeted at that time but I asked myself how am I going to counsel those youngsters who will need help in that area? What will I say to them?

I prayed about the matter several times, I am fully aware that God will not force us to do what we don’t want to do, but I am also fully aware that God’s plan will always take precedence in ones life. I am fully committed to Him, and I know that He knows how to lead us.


Hobbies and Interests

I like studying something new. Have a great passion for wood-working and gardening. Enjoying fixing broken things, (if I know anything about the object in question) Life house rehab.