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Deborah Ruth





State or Province

South Carolina

Nearest Big City


Sexual Identity


Sexual Orientation


Gender Identity


Anything Special You'd Like To Say

Introverted and introspective

Preferred Pronoun

she / her



Graduated from Perth Amboy High School in 1976

Graduated from Rutgers-College of Arts and Sciences with BA in 1980

Graduated from UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School with MD in 1985

Post graduate training in Internal Medicine, completed in 1988


1.  About to retire from VA

2.¬† I’m¬† still in work force but doing “locums” work in various placed; so I’m still¬†working full time but doing lots of “part time” jobs for a whole

Hobbies and Interests

1.¬† I’ m not an athletic woman but I am attempting to get “in shape”; I have a trainer¬†and work out; recently I got interested in doing “power lifting” and I am thinking¬†of joining the circuit to compete as amateur.¬† I do enjoy watching sports at times such¬†as Soccer, American football, hockey and baseball.¬† I do enjoy watching both summer¬†and winter Olympics.

2.  I enjoy the symphony and theater and go as often as my schedule allows.

3.  I enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures.

4.  I enjoy walking/hiking and want to get more involved in hiking

5.¬† I recently got interested in “herbal medicine” and I’m trying to become¬†herbalist

6.  I love reading, especially mysteries and suspence

7.¬† I enjoy going to the movies and enjoy watching lots of DVD’s from “police”/mysteries from other countries like France, Sweden, Austraila, etc(great fan of Acorn and¬†Kino Lorber)

8.¬† I also enjoy going to museums, ruins, etc (love the Southwest… since working¬†with Apaches)

9.  Love to just go out with my friends, mostly small groups and just talk

Pets, Children, Grandchildren

1.¬† don’t have children but I used to babysit a lot and enjoy kids

2.  Have 5 cats:  Patches, Hocus, Pocus, Cheddar and Precious

3.¬† Had dogs, goats, chickens, African geese, ducks, guineas; also kept pond¬†stocked with minnows, brim, redear and bass but I don’t fish; I just enjoy¬†animals and caring for them

Faith / Denomination

My spiritual journey has been varied; was raised Presbyterian/fundamentalist but now I am Episcopalian

Relationship Status

Single;  never been married; has been difficult due to my work/lifestyle; not against marriage; looking for friends at this time; if the friendship blossoms into romance or a more long term relationship, it would be welcomed; but if not, friends are always wanted and needed.

Degree of "Outness"

My father and his family is not aware but suspect; my brothers suspect¬†but have not asked (I guess they think if they don’t ask they will not be¬†told,¬† LOL!!!)¬† But I don’t hide my preference; when asked I respond

Seeking Friends or Dating

I Am Seeking

Friends, My Soul Mate, Travelling Companion, Spiritual Companion






Brown originally; color now reddish; keep short

Facial Hair




Ethnicity (cultural origin)

Mix: latin/Hungarian/Swiss

Languages Spoken

Spanish, German and English; understand most French, Italian, Portuguese




Never smoked

Alcohol Habits

Rarely but I do enjoy wine and single malt whiskey



Tatoos or Piercings

No tatoos; pierced ears

Anything Special You'd Like To Share

Consider myself easy going; I am quiet but do have and hold strong opinions and beliefs;¬†at times being quiet makes others misunderstand me or misread me; I don’t like labels¬†nor do I fit any mold.¬† LOL!!!


introverted; introspective; cat lover; music lover