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1943-04-16 00:00:00



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"It is Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" Today I have deleted what was here, In order to open a new page in my book of Life. Since March of 2020, the Senior Center of Iowa City has been closed due to the CoVirus. Hence I do not show weekly movies, do not sing in the Voices, and Avoid contact with people.

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he / him

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I have a BS in English Education.  A BS rather than a BA because I graduated from Iowa State University which is a University of Science instead of the Arts.

I had planned to go to Seminary but I was accused of being a homosexual at a time when being one was considered a form of insanity.

While the State Psychiatric Hospital diagnosed me as not being Homosexual, the stigma kept me out of Seminary.

In September 1984, studied at Palmer Chiropractic Technician School to become a ChiroTech but have never worked in the field even though I was trained in X-ray, Blood Work, and Diagnostic Procedures. Could not complete Clinic training because I could only type 39 words per minute and they required 40 wpm.

September 1986 – May 1988, studied at The Lay Ministry Training Center, Roseville, MN, to be certified as a Lay Minister available to be called to service a church, but never received a call. This time because the Center listed that I was a homosexual at a time when homosexuals were not “in”.


I have long been a problem solver, a confidant, a friend, a Charismatic, a former Social Worker, and an active Prayer Warrior.

I was called to engage in Spiritual Warfare and Prayer Ministry in addition to talking to people about why G-d created them to be what they are, no matter what it is they are.

Those are all things that one can never retire from.

But the old 9-5 grind, I am retired from.

Now I am a moderator and counselor on our Chat line, normally Wednesday through Sunday from 8 to 10 PM Central time.

Hobbies and Interests

I am retired from working for pay but now active in Senior Center and Voices of Experience, a Chorus, and the Coordinator of the LGBT Movies shown at the Center.

Now I show limited engagements which can be located in the Center Guide or by accessing the online guide and checking Films


Pets, Children, Grandchildren

My biggest pet is myself.

I am very close to my brothers of whom I am the eldest.

My Brothers are all married with families and all but one of my nieces and nephews are married.

Faith / Denomination

I believe in God, maybe not the same god that many people do.

I am slowly becoming more of a Unitarian rather than a Trinitarian after reading Robin R Meyers “Saving Jesus From The Church” and several other recent books that reveal that Paul who had been the Jewish Saul got his information by visions with a spirit who called himself the Risen Christ and preached for ten years before he met James the Brother of Jesus and other early leaders of the Church in Jerusalem, then waited another ten years (total of 20 years before meeting Peter and the rest of the apostles.

Then after the Fall of Jerusalem and Constantine the Great called the council of Nicea, more new teachings were added that resulted in the Religion we call Christianity today being one Jesus would not recognize.

Not only am I looking for my soul mate but I like to help others find their soul mate.

I also feel called to minister (since age 3) to those hurting because God Created them to be “gay” and they are rejected by family and friends.

I feel that pointing out to them a couple positive Bible verses might help weaken the devil’s work of making them feel bad.

God Created each one of us to be what we are and Jeremiah 29:11 shows that God has plans for each one of us.  Isaiah 56:3-5 shows God has a place in his HEAVEN (not in a lake of fire) for all who keep faith.

My old friend Benjamin taught me that one does not need a church to worship God.

If he could not find a group of believers to be a part of, he would set up some chairs and invite people in for a Prayer meeting.  I am the same way.

Right now, I believe I am called to Minister to whoever comes into Chat and needs help. I am a certified Lay Minister as well as a Certified Stephen Minister.

I believe God will send whomever the Spirit wants me to minister to.

Jesus Said in Matthew 19:12 that Gays (Eunuch in the original meaning, not the current meaning) were born that way OR they could have been created by other men (current meaning) OR some choose to be that way for holy reasons.  Now that is God and Jesus saying it.




Relationship Status

At present I am still looking for my next soul partner and believe there will still be another.  I have had several in the past.

As to what I am looking for in another man, I like younger men that are willing to discuss things with me.  I speak my mind.

Degree of "Outness"

I am totally out.  My church knows I am gay, My family knows I am gay, the Center knows I am gay, but apparently I do not act or appear gay because most people when they learn that I am gay, say “You are gay, I never would have guessed.”

Seeking Friends or Dating

I Am Seeking

My Soul Mate




375 pounds


balding but not bald

Facial Hair

shaved as often as need to



Ethnicity (cultural origin)

Born in America of Pure Heinz 57 variety ancestors

Languages Spoken



Obese and knee cartiledge is going out



Alcohol Habits

Very seldom (New Years Eve)


only prescribed ones, well a few Over the counter

Tatoos or Piercings


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I am constantly on a Diet and Friday, May 20, 2016, my doctor encouraged me to Start Wes Virgin’s “Fat Diminisher System”.

I seldom “watch” TV but I do watch way too much Netflix on the Computer and have over 20 websites that I am active on in addition to Christian Gays.

I am looking to Minister to those G-d brings to my attention as I was called when I was 3 years of age.  I have been there in many of the cases that others have been and I am willing to share my experiences with anyone who needs help or a prayer